Tornborgs building hoists are of the rack and pinion design, which enables the hoist car to climb up and down the tower at a controlled speed. The rack is made of high tensile steel.

The drive machinery consists of strong, totally enclosed brake motors, and reliable worm gear reduction boxes of our own design. They are mounted on a frame which is easily connected to the hoist cage with links.

The motors are controlled by a frequency converter, which gives a very smooth acceleration or deceleration.

The cage starts and stops very smoothly and exactly, with or without a load.Great advantages are achieved with this variable frequency control, such as low brake wear, low starting current and safe control.

MAGNI FC-3212 and FC-3225 is our hoist models for normal speed execution. Single rack with drive pinion and back-up roller.

MAGNI FC-6000 and FC-7000 is our hoist models for high speed execution. Two sided rack with drive pinions.