In a MAGNI hoist from Tornborgs you will be as safe as a baby in its father's hands. The strong and sturdy construction, together with multiple safety devices, stands as a guarantee for that.

The speed may not make it tickle in your belly but 92 meters per minute still makes the transportation of both men and material efficient.

Buidling Hoists

- Tornborgs MAGNI FC -a flexible system -

The Tornborgs range of building hoists gives maximum flexibility and performance. Single cage hoist can easily be converted into dual cages and back again. Left and right hand cages are identical except for the doors which are reversible.

Attention is given to every detail. Mast sections can easily be converted to single or dual cage.

Overload protection with sensors for maximum safety, is fitted as standard on all our hoists.

Hoist Cage

Spacious Cage

The Tornborgs hoist cage is very spacious.

The machinery is installed on the top of the cage and is not consuming interior space, where it may be damaged.

The hoist cage floor and roof are made of anti-slip, maintenance free aluminum plate.

The long side walls are made of aluminum plates and wire mesh.


Safety is the most important concern in Tornborgs building hoists. They are designed and built according to latest US and European standards.

A phase sequence failure relay prevents the cage from running unless the phase connection is correct. It also stops the cage immediately upon the loss of a phase. Cutoff bars and limit switches stop the cage automatically in the top and bottom positions.

Safety Break

The Tornborgs catching device is one of the most reliable on the market. It intervenes in the event of overspeed in any direction, and arrests the cage smoothly by means of heavy duty brake shoes, which act directly onto the mast legs and not on the rack. The open design is also very easy to inspect.

Top Run-Over Switch

There is a separate top run-over switch for extra safety during erection.

Overload Sensing Device

Full proof device which senses actual load by load cell in connection pins between machinery and hoist cage.

Optional Equipment

The hoist can be equipped with through gates, swing doors for landings, power cable trolley for hoist height over 100 meters, erection crane with electric chain hoist, power cable guides, scaffolding tubes, etc.